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About Earth Burger

Earth Burger is 100% Plant Based and built around 100% LOVE! 

Our mission is to Be the Difference in every way possible. From our zero waste initiative, all compostable disposables, to our charitable contributions, we aim to make an impact that sticks.

With several locations in Texas, Earth Burger is geared up and ready for expansion and sharing the love!

Great eats, neighborhood vibes. 


Visit Earth Burger today! Choose from our 100% plant-based menu. We have Veggie Burgers, Sandwiches, CHIK-N, Healthy Bowls, Fries, Cones, and so much more! 

Keep an eye out for our rotating Limited Time Offers. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date. 


Visit Us

Earth Burger is about sharing stories—stories about ideas and history, culture and the things we create. Come visit us!
Click on our Hours & Locations link to find your way to one of our three locations.