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Share the good news about a plant-based diet.


Earth Burger's vision is to provide the community with quick, healthier alternatives to the traditional fast-food options.

What does it mean having a "plant based" menu?

Our menu is 100% plant powered, meaning all of our locations are free of any animal products and dairy. We enjoy having the opportunity to feed our guests delicious food all made from plants!

Why are your locations closed every Saturday?

Our founders believe that we should set aside a day of the week to observe our faith, and spend time with God and family.

Do you have gluten free options?

We offer items that are packaged gluten free however, once these items are removed from their packaging, cross contact may occur with gluten items. Please check with a manager and indicate any allergens and/or questions you may have.

Is Earth Burger franchising?

At this stage of growth, Earth Burger will continue a corporate path to expansion to guarantee our guests continue to receive superior service and quality products. We are always evaluating our model and will  be sure to let our followers know of any new direction.